Kiropraktorprofesjonen kan smykke seg med nok en doktorgrad!

Stefan Malmqvist fikk nylig godkjent sin doktorgrad med navn «The prevalence, implications and clinical course of pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain». Vi gratulerer Stefan så mye med vel gjennomført disputas!

Sammendrag av avhandlingen

• pelvic girdle pain (PGP) can cause major impairment of a pregnant woman’s health
and well-being, as well as constituting a burden to society as a frequent and major
cause of sick leave.
• PGP affects a pregnant woman’s activities of daily life, revealing unexpected
differences in tolerance for pain among those who did not take sick leave.
• women who took less sick leave demonstrated higher pain tolerance, which was
associated with their level of education and their situation and/or posture at work.
In addition, it demonstrated that:
• if both ASLR and P4 tests are positive mid-pregnancy, persistent and bothersome PGP
can be expected for more than five days each week throughout the remainder of the
• the number of days each week with bothersome pelvic pain increases for every
additional pregnancy.

Klinisk relevans
Clinicians need to be aware of the potential risk factors for PGP identified in this project, i.e.,
less education, a heavy workload and dissatisfaction with one’s work.
Moreover, the application of active straight leg raise (ASLR) and posterior pelvic pain
provocation (P4) tests to assess the likelihood of persistent PGP will help the caregiver,
together with his/her patient, design a treatment plan that can alleviate the pain involving, e.g.,
exercise, management of stress and a reduced workload.

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