Forekomst, diagnostikk og behandling av nakke og ryggplager hos helikopterpiloter

Knut Andersen, kiropraktor, stipendiat ved Stavanger universitetssykehus

The purpose of this project is to investigate the occurrence of neck and back pain in a population of commercial helicopter pilots, and investigate factors related to the profession that can cause these problems. The project has a biological approach assessing the supporting and stabilizing muscles (multifidus) in pilots with chronic back and neck ailments.

Pilots with low back problems are invited to a controlled intervention trial to investigate whether one can achieve improved spinal health with a rigid training régime. Primary trial outcome is improved neck and back multifidus muscles pathology and function as assessed by the extent of fat infiltration -as visualized on MRI – and the volume and ability of the lumbar multifidus muscles to contract as shown with ultrasound. The perceived effect on spinal health with sick leave frequency is also evaluated


Prosjektet er finansiert av  NHO arbeidsmiljøfond,  NHO Luftfart og ELIB