Chiropractic profession in Norway 2011

Ole C Kvammen, M.Sci., Kiropraktor

The aim of this report was to describe major characteristics of the chiropractic profession in Norway, specifically to describe their clinical settings and practice routines, satisfaction with work and to study evidence of inter-professional collaboration. In addition, the aim was to describe attitudes towards research participation and clinical guidelines.

Results: Response rates were 61% (Survey 1, N=320) and 71% (Survey 2, N=217). More than two-thirds of the chiropractors in Norway had been in practice for under a decade.

Only one in four chiropractors worked in solo practice and the majority shared premises with at least one colleague, typically at least one physiotherapist and one additional health practitioner. Today, only one in five clinics possessed radiologic equipment and one in ten had access to diagnostic ultrasound equipment. Only a few clinics had larger exercise equipment or facilities on the clinic premises. The majority of the chiropractors reported to apply mainly similar treatment modalities. More than 90% reported to use manipulation techniques on most patients, with soft tissue techniques and exercise modalities being almost as common. More than 3/4 of the profession reported that their clinical practice was in accordance with available clinical guidelines and about one third were positive about participating in future clinical research.

“Chiropractic profession in Norway 2011” (antas publisert “Chiropr Man Therap.”, BMC, 2014 ?)

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